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Our Roasts

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Light Roast

  • Light Roast: If you enjoy the subtle flavors and unique characteristics of the bean origin, and appreciate a brighter, more acidic coffee.

  • Light brown color, dry beans. Shortest roasting time, resulting in the most subtle changes from the original green bean. Brighter, more acidic taste. Often described as having fruity, floral, or tea-like notes. You'll taste the unique characteristics of the bean origin more distinctly. Lighter body, meaning it feels thinner or more watery in your mouth.


Medium Roast

  • A crowd-pleaser, offering a balance of flavor and body. A good middle ground for those who don't prefer extremes.

  • Brown color, may have a slight sheen. Strikes a balance between the original bean's characteristics and some roasted flavors. More balanced flavor with some acidity and sweetness. Hints of caramel and chocolate may emerge. Still allows some of the origin's character to shine through. Medium body, offering a more substantial mouthfeel.



Dark Roast

  • If you like a bolder, more intense coffee with lower acidity and a full body.

  • Dark brown to almost black color, oily surface. Beans are roasted for the longest, resulting in the most significant changes in flavor. Bolder, more intense flavor with lower acidity. Often described as smoky, chocolatey, or bitter. The origin's characteristics are masked by the roasting process. Full body, the heaviest and most robust mouthfeel.

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